Quick Paleo Recipes and the way of living millions of years ago

Millions of years ago, life was simple. Humans strive to survive the environment they live in and in order to do so they need to find ways that will help them secure their basic necessities, which are food, clothing and shelter.


Shelter was made with the help of dried leaves, trunk of trees’, bamboos lying around and big stones. There are also those who opt to live inside caves because it protects them from the heat of the sun, the outpour of rain and the cold weather at night. In other countries, there are people who make a small house on top of trees that are considered the best place to keep them secured from dangerous animals that might harm them. However, creating one is not an easy task especially millions of years ago as there were no tools and equipment’s similar to what we have today that will assist in constructing one. Nevertheless, they were still able to do one by helping one another and patiently creating everything manually.


Sewing clothing to keep one protected from all outside forces was a practice developed with the help of using bones, ivory, awls and perforators that served as needles to make fitted garments. Depending on the tradition and culture practiced in a certain country does the kind of clothing a man and woman should wear. Some simply needs a undergarment while others require one to be clothe well.


For food, they hunt and butcher animals, tried eating plants and other things they can see around them to answer to their hunger pains. They create tools for hunting, cutting, crushing and pounding food with the help of sharpening stones or wood that are readily available anywhere. To cook their food, they create fire by simply rubbing one piece of wood with another, which requires a few minutes of consistent action before finally making a small one. This fire is not only a source of heat but is also used in cooking their food. If we observe, the type of food they have are very simple without using any kind of ingredient such as spices, herbs, seasonings, fat and other sauces that will add taste. The flavor wasn’t given much importance back then as the only thing they needed was something that will answer to the hunger they are feeling.


Today, with the presence of technology, the usual practices that people do are far from what we do nowadays. For instance, nowadays, we have all kinds of food available which have a distinct taste depending on the ingredients used. These have surely answer and satisfy all our cravings. However, it also has a big effect on the overall health of every person. We find ourselves suffering from various kinds of sicknesses and diseases, which were not present before. That is why more and more people go on a diet and try Quick Paleo Recipes that are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. If you are wondering what this is, it simply means that you are going back to the basics and the type of food people eat thousands of years ago that are plain and simple food without other unhealthy ingredients.


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